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Join Writers Agency as a freelance writer and start an exciting new career! You can work online, on your own schedule - writing about fascinating topics and developing a working understanding of content marketing.

No experience necessary, full training provided!

High Paying

Our writers are selected based on real world experience or preexisting knowledge of a topic. That means less research - and more writing flow. A thousand word article can be churned out in under an hour, making this one of the best paid online jobs in existence. You will even start on this rate from day one!
Payment is via Paypal, in Australian Dollars.

~$40 per hour working online, on your own schedule.

Work Guaranteed

As part of our commitment to providing quality content to our clients, all of our writers are required to complete a writing job with one of our in-house publishing teams before they are put onto the 'open market'. This means every writer starts work as soon as they sign up, and it means our new clients can rest assured our writers understand the entire publishing process.

A guaranteed writing job as soon as you start training.

Author Credited

All articles published through our managed content services automatically feature a prominent Author Credit. In most cases this includes a link to you own blog, your profile and byline. By doing this, you can promote your brand as a writer, while also helping the client promote their content. It's a huge win-win and one of the key aspects that makes us the best :)

Your Author credit featured prominently on your work.

Wordpress Training

As an agency member you will be taught how to build, manage and monetize a website using the Wordpress CMS. This will not only help you to become a much more efficient writer (by familiarizing with the tools) but you will monetize your website in the same ways as our clients. Work towards making money from your writing directly or hiring other writers with the profits from your website!

Learn how to build a profitable, monetized website.

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