Why Freelance Writers Should Never Use Free Websites.

As a freelance writer, it's vitally important to convey a message to your clients that you understand their goals, and have the skills to reach them.

You could be killing your career with this huge mistake!


You don't own the website / domain.

A free website / subdomain is owned by the top-level domain eg. yourblog.wordpress.com is owned by wordpress.com (the company). You do not own the website you are making - it's just a part of a bigger website.

So you are already building & writing a company's website - and doing it for free.

You are giving away your services for free - which implies it's not worth paying for.


It takes Zero Commitment.

That might sound like a good thing from your perspective - but lack of commitment is defintely not what employers are looking for when they contract someone to do a job for them.

They are making an investment each time they pay you for some content, and they expect to see some signs of confidence that their investment is worthwhile.

If you don't have the confidence to invest in your writing why should the client?


No Skills Required.

Our clients are mostly marketing and content managers - a vast majority of them use Wordpress to manage their websites and content. They aren't technical people, but they took the time to learn the skills and they expect you to as well.

Having practical experience using wordpress is essential so that you understand the more technical side of writing inside an WYSIWYG Editor and how wordpress handles posts / pages and other media.

You aren't developing any of the technical skills clients are looking for.


No expectations for success.

Every content marketer knows that after you publish content - you need to start sharing it - and to do that you need to push the link to your article far and wide. You share it in every place you can, leaving it around the web so that people will click on it and visit your site.

But once a link is shared, you cannot change it - so any success you have will be permanently attached to the free domain you are using. If one of your articles becomes massively popular you will lose all the potential benefits.

You don't think your articles can go viral, or you don't understand how links work.


You won't learn how to write monetized content.

Are you just writing for the sake of writing? Because you love to write? That's great, but it's not what freelance writers are supposed to do. Your writing is supposed to make money - and if a client can get value from it then you should also be able to.

If a single article from you is worth $40 to the client - then a whole month of articles should be worth something right? If you can make even a few dollars from each article you publish on your website, you are on the right track... but even if you can't the client will never know.

The only way a client knows that you don't make ANY money from your writing (and hence it's not worth investing in) is if you are making no attempt to monetize it - and with a free website thats a certainty.

You need to at least give the impression that your writing can make money!

Make money while you build a proper website!

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