Freelance Writer Training Course

There is much more to being a freelance writer than just writing. As a freelancer you are an independent contractor rather than an employee so there are no guarantees of a steady work, its all about the client, and your performance. Full time work from a single client is rare and usually short-term. You should try to expand your opportunities and make money in as many ways as possible. Success will not come without putting in some effort.

There are two income 'streams' you should be working on simultaneously.

The short term aspect is paid work through freelance writing for clients. This is limited by the client, budget etc but you are given ample opportunity to improve your performance through training and we are finding new clients with new needs frequently.

Your blog is a longer term project where you write for yourself, and you should write there at every opportunity so you can practice and demonstrate your skills. You are not only practicing 'writing' - you should attempt the entire content marketing process (as we show you in our training) from writing, marketing to making money. This helps you develop skills, better understand what your clients want (in a business context) - and in time, make money from your writing without needing clients.

In between jobs do not just wait for work! Spend that time improving your website, writing & practicing your marketing skills.