The Formula to Success: Attracting Readers to Your Content

by Charlene Divine Catral

Technological World: The era of technology has come and has made information more accessible anywhere at anytime.

Imagine training a puppy.

Information is now widespread and currently easily accessible to most people in the world. These are easily accessible due to the internet which has been created for purposes that are greater than accessing information. This is where writing comes in. Like information, it is widespread and is growing broader in variety as time passes by and, it has more spaces it can access and reach. A competition over the information being directed and shared then comes in play as numerous writers write to attract readers and, there is now a current standard or preferences to the style of writing readers seek to read.

This can be acquainted with the methods of training a puppy. Blogging in itself is a form of writing style that has been created ever since the internet began. Now, its primary goal can range from news to opinion articles for readers to read but how does a blog and a blogger attract readers and, have them coming back for more content to read?

It starts with knowing how to train a puppy.

Write Useful Content

Content Matters: Information is Vital depending on the need and interest of readers

One thing a blogger should remember is that in writing content, it should be about the things that are useful and informative to readers. Associate it with training your puppies: puppies have more attention span in training activities when they are being engaged in activities or things that they find useful for themselves. For example, if one wants to train their puppy to recognize their master, bring a treat and have them run in a wide open space with only you and the puppy in tow. The puppies have both running and treat in the same place and would see their master there thus, the puppy would be able to associate themselves with their master.

In writing a useful content, the ideas do not just pop up out of nowhere. One must do sufficient research and readings to come up with a definite and concrete topic to write about. You may know the basics of writing but the content itself is not easy to write especially when the information one knows about the topic is only limited. Thus, research is a vital part of every blogger’s life.


Engaged: Keeping readers wanting for more with the amazing content you are writing.

You can’t expect puppies to stay interested in a certain activity unless they are entertained; readers are the same. For them to read your content, they should be entertained at every possible moment. Keep them intrigued and wondering what happens next. Of course, it is difficult when writing a news article that should be straight on to the information that you’d like to deliver however, there are certain ways to entertain your readers.

A factor to be considered would be the words you choose to use as you write your content. Words hold the key to giving life to a piece, particularly in writing. Giving key phrases or catchy statements that can pique your readers’ interest might come in handy in your introductions as well. Bridging paragraphs and ideas can also help you work your way up in building interest that would keep your readers wanting for more.

Make Content Pleasing to the Eyes

Blue Lights Everywhere: Left and Right people continue to use gadgets at their leisure to browse through information online.

Not only do you need content on your blog for readers to visit it often and attract more avid and loyal readers to your cause but also a simple yet attractive website design.  To relate them to the life of training puppies, one should consider, that puppies should also be cleaned, bathed and groomed into good shape. It would keep diseases and insects that can harm them and their owners away and thus, would help have both the puppies and their master grow a stronger bond with each other as they get to spend more time enjoying themselves than worrying about itches or a bad smell.

Since the innovation of technology, ways to design and art itself has evolved into different varieties. You can now use different themes and designs to decorate a specific topic or focus to send your message. Like they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” so never forget to add images to your articles to better show your readers the entirety of your content.

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Use Credible Sources

Attraction: Things in common with others and are of art can bring us together

In this day and age, there are numerous falsified information and fake news. People are wary of the information being shared with them. They would not go or continue to go to a website and information center that does not give them what they want: information. As much as information can be false, they wouldn’t want that for they have no use for false information. Going back to our rule number one, create useful content.

You cannot train your puppy properly if you do not do your own research on how to train them and what are good training methods for them. If the content your read on how to train dogs is false, then it would not be able to help you train your dog properly or at all.

This is what makes credible content important. It helps you gain your readers’ trust and keeps them trusting you till the end of time to pursue your contents relentlessly and make a name for yourself to attract more readers.

Be Unique

Be The New Trend: Start your own soon-to-be popular idea and reach readers to like your own idea

As much as the trend these days keeps the masses roaring and crowded, you would want to be unique. Creating content that has already been written before gives drive to competition and as much as you have the necessary elements in attracting your readers, it still gives you a high risk of having fewer readers than what you can get with a unique content.

You may want to train your puppy to become like someone you know or like but then, that is not training your puppy. Every single pup has their own identity and that is what makes them unique. Take that away and all you get is a clone version of whomever you want them to be like. Different is more beautiful than a better version of another.

Stand out by being unique and you’d never know, you might end up becoming the new trend- gaining more readers than what you have started with for they would use you as their reference materials to follow suit with what you are doing.

Keep Updating

Strive and Earn: All your efforts would give fruit to great achievements as long as you continue to write and do what you have passion in.

A dog and a master’s bond would not just be presently there in the blink of an eye or stay there without pillars. It takes time and effort just like in any other relationship.

To earn your readers, you must continue adding content up and keep your readers sated from their information thirst. Have them coming back for more and when they are used to you adding up content every few days, weeks or months, they’d have an idea when to visit your site, check your contents and happily give you feedbacks.

It’s all easy as long as you put your mind to it. It doesn’t have to be the very first try for you to succeed. All you need is the passion to write and a blog to place your thoughts in. The rest comes with time. Patience is not only a virtue but an important element for bloggers. Make use of your time and skills and someday, readers would spawn your blog, wanting for more.