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Karen Rose Kingsbury

Karen Rose Kingsbury is a Travel and Wellness Writer with passions for transformative travel and mental health alongside Vegan-friendly travel and plant-inspired living. She works as Content Marketing Executive for a U.K. travel brand as well as freelancing with her own websites; Transform Me...

Crystal L

Currently writing and traveling for both fun and profit, I am a natural science and technology enthusiast who loves to live an abundant, healthy and stress-free life. I aim at positively influencing others on living a cruelty-free lifestyle, both for one's own benefit and the preservation of...

Bruno Cooke

Self-published novelist, Comparative Literature graduate, Vegan chef, long distance cyclist, screenwriter, freelance educator and blogger/journalist. Can write knowledgeably about Food & Drink (Vegan, Vegetarian, international cuisine, restaurant reviews, cocktail bars), Travelling Living on...

Nadia Wolmarans

After watching Little Miss Sunshine eleven year old me became obsessed with fitness. Thanks to Paul Dano's character, my quick routine of push-ups and sit-ups developed into a full-time interest in physical fitness. Also writing, reaching and perhaps affecting people with well-developed characters...

Timi Vincze

I'm a 28 years old Hungarian girl, I currently traveling in South-America. I used to work as a travel agent, and as I am traveling right now, I would love to write guides about the cities I visit, but I also have knowledge about sports, recreation, health, and Vegan/Vegetarian topics. I'm also...

Landis Stewart

Born sceptic, adventurer, and aspiring polyglot. 22 countries and counting. Practicing radical acceptance and love, hoping to go forth in the world with an open heart and open arms. Interested in what you have to say, Vegetarian food, and living a hundred lives, not interested in settling down...

Lilia Häselbarth

Am I who? People describe as 'too kind', brave, funny and crazy, What a great mixture. During my travels, I learned so much more than in school or university. I realized a lot. I realized I've been lied to; I don't need to eat animal products for survival and I went Vegan, Now I'm an animal...

Filip Obradović

My name is Filip Obradović. I am 26 years old. I am from and I live in Serbia. I graduated at the Academy of Arts in 2015. My major was Music Education. I am a professional musician and I play the piano. In my free time, I like reading books, listening to music, traveling and hanging out with my...

Time To Coddiwomple

After five years working in corporate London we decided to pack it all in and explore the world, before we have to become proper adults and have babies and stuff. Currently working our way through Asia, hunting for veggie and Vegan treats....

Luīze Sniedze

Latvian student who lives in Germany and loves to travel the world. Passionate about reading books and watching movies. Soon to become a graphic designer, photographer, videographer. Always striving to become a better version of myself....

Tayler Jenkins

I'm a rock climber, yogi, hiker, traveler and adventurer finding my balance between wanderlust and roots. After visiting Asia a few times, I finally followed my dream of buying a one-way ticket to Thailand in 2017. I spent the following year a half living, working and rock climbing in 9 different...

Kim McKeay

I’m Kim and I’m from New Zealand. My interests include travel, yoga, acro yoga and reading. I have a love for animals and enjoy Vegetarian eating....

Mayana Inn Mundo

World Traveler, Vegan, Environmentalist, Photo-reporter and Freelance Writer. "Traveling: the joy of arriving in new surroundings, wandering, exploring, getting a little lost and amazed with the particularities of each place, nature, culture... architecture, street art, to learn and experience...

Samantha Jane

I'm an adventurous introvert who prefers to step off the beaten track and feel like a local. That's why I've decided to spend a year in South America without an itinerary. I'm taking my time in each city, town, and village, volunteering in animal care and construction. I'm learning not only a new...

Deeksha Ojha

Namaste, I am a student of English Literature living in the capital of India. I love to write about my passions including being a bookworm, dancing on Bollywood beats, trying new Zumba routines and healthy recipes, binging on k-dramas and world cinema while documenting my travel wonders. I write...

Ramona Huber

I’m a 31 year old Bavarian girl from Munich (maybe women but actually I never stoped seeing the world with eyes of a child). I already followed several different path of careers but never felt like being a part of a fixed system in a ‚normal‘ daily routine. I went from the lowest school...


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