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As a young adult, I wanted to travel and write - I now get to do both. In the interim, I became a registered nurse and gained a Masters in Health Science and bought up a family of 4 children - who live scattered around the world, providing me with destinations and stories. I also practice and teach...


I'm a self-confessed introvert. I love solitude and just being alone with my thoughts. It helps me to be self-aware, to reflect on everything that's happening in my life and eventually be more appreciative and understanding of those around me. Ever since I was a child, I consider writing as a...

Arianna Meschia

After studying English, French and Spanish in my Italian hometown, I graduated in Film & Creative Writing in London, where I landed a job as production manager. 5 years and a lot of stress later, I decided to leave it all behind to volunteer in the Calais refugee camp in France first, and in...

Laura Blu Sandía

Writer, Yogi, Wanderer. I like to share my magical life stories with the world - to inspire, to transform, to connect. I traveled more than 43 countries and I am still discovering the beauty this world has to offer. I recently moved to Colombia to realize my project of a lifetime....

Pia San Felipe

Pia is a twenty-something medical student from the Philippines. When she's not busy trying to be a neurosurgeon, she roams wherever her feet (and budget) may take her. She's been to various places in her home country and continent (Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore). Today Asia,...

Emily Lowenna Coyle

I'm Emily and I like sharing my passion for travel, nature, and culture with others. I’ve been exploring the world for the last year and a half whilst working online, and have finally realised it's time to put my skills to use and document my travels. I have worked from villages and cities to...

Wee Xian

Wee Xian believes that life is meant to be experienced through the lens of rich culture and heritage - that boundaries only exist because people put it there. He finds long drives on road trips therapeutic and would jump at the sight of meticulously designed cars and stunning architecture. ...

Shie Zarate

Occassional blogger, Photography enthusiast, apparel designer, engineer and a big believer of God. In my spare time, I do DIY projects or chase the bliss of solitude, sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee, munching some yummy cookies while reading a good book in a new place with a great view....

Shali Jayasuriya

Shali Jayasuriya has been writing and creating content for the past 10+ years for both online and offline platforms. She has recently become a freelance writer as she wants more opportunities to use and practice her writing skills while also creating quality content for her clients. She has...

Ritika Gupta

Ritika Gupta is a published author, with more than four years of experience in creative, feature, and content writing, blogging, editing, and proofreading. She is also a philosopher, thinker, and eBook Designer, with her own Ebook store at Instamojo. She's aware of the poor condition of...

Manasa Ramraj

Manasa Ramraj is a freelance writer and travel enthusiast, currently based in Mumbai, India. She holds a Bachelors of Law degree from School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore. She Heads the Research and Documentation Team of The Red Elephant Foundation that focuses on gender-based violence...


Wife to a handsome, bearded fellow. Mother, Songwriter & Poet ...

Manal MANA

A 21 years old Marketing student, having a huge interest in Photography and video making. I'm a creative thinker. And I love traveling and discovering uncommon destinations....

Tasha Henderson

Northern Irish actress, videographer and Youtuber! Tasha hails from temperamental Northern Ireland, to which she returned to after teaching in South Korea in mid-2018. Her passions lie in acting and videography but also in books, fencing, traveling and advocating for deaf awareness, being a deaf...


Valeria Curcio

I have always found a difficult task to define myself as only one thing. I am just a curious person who has a lot of interests such as Photography, film and sound editing, philosophy, and travelling around the world. I would like to share those interests, some thoughts and experiences with you....

Ioanna K.

I am a Guest Specialist at a large Amsterdam-based website company that connects hotels and guests around the world. Previously I worked for multiple airline companies in the Netherlands. I am passionate about traveling and exploring new places and cultures. A new passion in my life is Photography,...

Happy Mermaid

A freelance events host, business and travel consultant. Loves traveling, music, movies, food, and Photography :) ...

Annalisa Galetta

I'm a thirty-five years old lover of traveling, Photography, Nature, animals and silence. Travelling is my real passion. I have got an inquisitive mind and I love everything is different from me and from what I know. I practice sports and I like reading travel books, historical novels, thrillers and...

Ali Moiz

Armed with a lifelong devotion to technology and a strong passion to learn, Ali has been a tech fanatic ever since his first Pentium III. Always eager to keep up with the evolving trends of this dynamic industry, he is currently en-route to becoming a block-chain specialist. However, the extent of...

Elena Duță

My background as a graduate of Foreign languages and literature has set the stage for a career in creative writing & PR. I am currently trying to leave the rat race and redirect my path towards freelancing. Whenever I travel, I try to grasp every bit of everything that catches my eye and soul,...

Inka Fog

I'm a young German girl, currently backpacking in Europe for one year. I mostly travel alone but of course, I meet many people everywhere I go! I think travelling is really important and the only way to truly learn something about cultures and people. Not only to explore the world but also to learn...

Sol Acevedo

Born and raised in a nomad family. Originally from Argentina, recently relocated to Latvia. I lived in Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica; and different cities within Argentina. I am well traveled and it comes naturally to me to connect with locals and explore their culture to each place I go....

Luīze Sniedze

Latvian student who lives in Germany and loves to travel the world. Passionate about reading books and watching movies. Soon to become a graphic designer, Photographer, videographer. Always striving to become a better version of myself....

Dani Minotti

My name is Daniela Minotti and I'm 20 years old. I'm from Argentina and I'm currently studying Social Communication at Austral University. My interests go from cinema to new technologies and strategies for the management of the public. For example, I'm really keen on design thinking. Other topics...


A Travel lover, Moody Chef, Loves Reading and Writing, Doodling as a Hobby. Experiencing the Northern Lights and Whale watching in Antarctica is on my bucket list I write on thathumblepost.com...


I am a young girl from a little land in the north of Spain. I live surrounded by nature, I love the mountain and the sea, and of course, TO TRAVEL. I am lucky to have been in some countries, and definitely, the best thing for me is to explore every place, get lost in their culture, colours,...

Mariia Abramova

My name is Mariia. I'm 32 years old. I live in Vladivostok, Russia. I love to travel. Every new journey for me is a little life. It gives me not only beautiful photos and pleasant memories. Every journey changes me from within, opens up new horizons, energizes and inspires. ...

Nathalia Garza ?

I am Nath, a world wanderer traveling through life. Nah, I am an audio engineer who loves Photography, writing and singing. I love animals and a good cup of coffee!...

Inês Mota

I'm a set designer from Porto currently attending a master's degree in scenography in France. I'm fascinated by puppetry, light design, performance and visual arts. In recent years I've lived in Italy while doing an Erasmus Semester for the final months of my bachelor's degree and after that I...



My name is Terek Vesprey. I was born and raised, for the most part, on the island of Grenada (for those who don't know where that is, it's an island north of Trinidad in the Caribbean). I have a passion for Photography. I've been a Sales Representative and customer service representative. I give...

T. Lowens

Hello, my name is Thomas Lowens, I am from the beautiful county of Derbyshire, England. I am currently travelling far East Asia, taking at least half a year out of life to develop new skills and introduce myself to new experiences. I am using the knowledge I gain to help build myself and...

Mafe Martinez

Hi, I am Mafe! Colombian girl in love with traveling. I am interested in History and Photography and of course, traveling. I had my first experience living abroad when I was 22 I moved to the US to work for 2 years. There I lived in the East Coast and then in the West Coast and during those 2 years...

Natoya Yarde


World Traveler, Vegan, Environmentalist, Photo-reporter and Freelance Writer. "Traveling: the joy of arriving in new surroundings, wandering, exploring, getting a little lost and amazed with the particularities of each place, nature, culture... architecture, street art, to learn and experience...


A delusion optimist trapped within a cynical pessimist. A lazy day-dreamer procrastinating life. Food, Books and Travel are the love of my life. A permanent member of the existential crisis club. I go to seek a great perhaps with a vibrant hope for the unknown. A hopeless romantic for all things...

Leigh Fuentes

Leigh is an artistically-inclined, twenty-something woman from the Philippines. At a young age, she was bitten by the travel bug; though harmless, it can get quite infectious. She loves to write about travel, food, culture, and events. She graduated with a degree in Development Communication and is...

Lauren Himes

Hello! My name is Lauren. I am a freelance writer and a travel/lifestyle blogger! I have experience writing about various topics including health, technology, Photography, and personal development. In my blog, I particularly write about my various travel experiences - living and working abroad,...

Franca Levin

People tend to describe themselves by what they've studied. In that case, I would say I’m a math teacher. But I'm also a traveler, journalism student, bicycle lover, (ex) handball player, auntie of 10 and project of a Photographer. In 2017 I quitted my job, sold all my stuff and bought a one-way...


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