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As a young adult, I wanted to travel and write - I now get to do both. In the interim, I became a registered nurse and gained a Masters in Health Science and bought up a family of 4 children - who live scattered around the world, providing me with destinations and stories. I also practice and teach...


I'm a self-confessed introvert. I love solitude and just being alone with my thoughts. It helps me to be self-aware, to reflect on everything that's happening in my life and eventually be more appreciative and understanding of those around me. Ever since I was a child, I consider writing as a...

Bruno Cooke

Self-published novelist, Comparative Literature graduate, vegan chef, long distance cyclist, screenwriter, freelance educator and blogger/journalist. Can write knowledgeably about Food & Drink (vegan, vegetarian, international Cuisine, restaurant reviews, cocktail bars), Travelling Living on...

Jamie Bennett

Globetrotter and unusual destination seeker. Jamie has been around the world twice and back. She revels in unusual, off-the-beaten-track experiences and specialises in solo-travel. She is also a freelance English tutor who is passionate about language and engaging students of all levels and...

Cecilia Fernández

Journalist and science writer from Argentina. Passionate about travel, running, and Cooking....

Alaina Rydzewski

Having lived for five years as an expat in Spain, I love living abroad and the ability it gives me to travel, and travel often. I have traveled to 40 countries, and value quality over quantity, meaning that I take my time! Currently I work as an ESL teacher and a freelance travel writer, which gives...

Heena Shah

I work remotely as a Mechanical Engineer. Along with that I am working on perfecting my skill sets as well as making and selling postcards from the photos I click. I enjoy learning and am open minded. I look forward to travelling deeply when I have the chance to immerse myself in the local...

Timi Vincze

I'm a 28 years old Hungarian girl, I currently traveling in South-America. I used to work as a travel agent, and as I am traveling right now, I would love to write guides about the cities I visit, but I also have knowledge about sports, recreation, health, and vegan/vegetarian topics. I'm also...

Emily Sánchez

I have been a freelance web content writer for more than 3 years and also a writer. I published my 1st. Motivational book entitled 3 Master Knights 3 years ago. The book deals with 3 current issues: overcoming fear, having vision or strategic planning and resistance to change. Also, I have...

Lisa Lysen

Lisa Lysen is exploring her passion for words while getting to know a little more about this beautiful world we live in. She hopes an adventure in writing is somewhere in her future. ...

Mariana Neves

Hi, my name is Mariana Neves. I'm a Creative Writing student and freelance writer, who is originally from Portugal, but grew up living in and visiting various amazing countries with my family. This left an insatiable itch to never stay still and discover as much of the world as I can. I'm fluent in...


Hi. I am 23 years old, and my passion is travelling. I started to travel alone when I was 12 years old, and since that time I never stoped, I worked, studied and lived in different countries around the world, I know a lot about different cultures, traditions and ways of living. I also have a broad...

Norma H. Romero

Do you know the story about the guy that quitted his job, grabbed a back pack and took a plane with no return ticket? Well, I am that guy, except for the fact that I am a woman. Now I find myself wondering around places, trying to learn about their cultures, their history and their food, of course....

Idil Hazel

Hello, I can define myself as a world traveler. Traveling and abroad are the two words that fit my life for more than 9 years. I lived in various countries due to business and family issues. I started off my career as a scheduler planner in a big airline company for 11 years, and have been using...

Divya Richa

I am a fun loving and adventurous person and absolutely love to travel. From mountains to beaches to plains just name it and I love to experience all kinds of places. Traveling to different places helps me explore different culture, food, etc,. I love to travel with family, friends or at times even...

Time To Coddiwomple

After five years working in corporate London we decided to pack it all in and explore the world, before we have to become proper adults and have babies and stuff. Currently working our way through Asia, hunting for veggie and vegan treats....

Sol Acevedo

Born and raised in a nomad family. Originally from Argentina, recently relocated to Latvia. I lived in Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica; and different cities within Argentina. I am well traveled and it comes naturally to me to connect with locals and explore their culture to each place I go....

Neha Bajaj

Hey, I'm CS Neha Bajaj, a Company Secretary by Profession and a Traveller by heart. I'm very passionate about launching myself as an entrepreneur with my vision being to help people realise how important it is to be happy and fulfilled in life. I live by the motto that I've to focus on...

João André Picado

My name is João, I'm a Portuguese chef living in the beautiful country of Iceland. I work in the summertime from April to October and travel in winter with my boyfriend. I love our lifestyle and want to share our experiences with the world. I love to meet other travelers and to meet them in their...

Tayler Jenkins

I'm a rock climber, yogi, hiker, traveler and adventurer finding my balance between wanderlust and roots. After visiting Asia a few times, I finally followed my dream of buying a one-way ticket to Thailand in 2017. I spent the following year a half living, working and rock climbing in 9 different...


I'm a cook by profession and a baker at heart. I love to travel around different cities when I can, and discover new inspirations and flavours that I can bring home with me and experiment with. When I come back from travels, my luggage is full with random good finds, from the local markets, off the...

Rose Soriano

I am a travel enthusiast from the Philippines. I started taking my passion seriously in 2014. Since then I have been to most of the sought after destinations of the Philippines and have also travelled internationally to different Asian countries. In between my travels, I have worked as a BPO Agent...

Adan Ramirez Quintero

I have always had an intrest in tech, since an early age i found that tech was much more than just gadgets and toys to waste time. Tech can be inspiring and give us a very needed push to better ourselves, without me having played all those videogames when i was a kid i wouldn't even be able to...

Deeksha Ojha

Namaste, I am a student of English Literature living in the capital of India. I love to write about my passions including being a bookworm, dancing on Bollywood beats, trying new Zumba routines and healthy recipes, binging on k-dramas and world cinema while documenting my travel wonders. I write...

Ramona Huber

I’m a 31 year old Bavarian girl from Munich (maybe women but actually I never stoped seeing the world with eyes of a child). I already followed several different path of careers but never felt like being a part of a fixed system in a ‚normal‘ daily routine. I went from the lowest school...

Adete Lahire

Travel and tourism is my work and passion. I have traveled to far and distant lands, still feel there is a lot more to see in my country & abroad....

Anine Knudsen

I'm open-minded and adventurous, and I love to travel. Born and raised in Norway, previously lived in Spain and Australia, and currently living in Detroit. As an educated nutritionist, I have knowledge and interest in how food affects our well-being and health. I spend a lot of time thinking...


Single man from Quito, Ecuador. Wine and Cocktail expert. Polyglot: Native spanish speaker, fluent in english, upper intermediate italian level and some french. Enjoy walking and hiking, traveling, playing online games, watching Netflix, listening to Classical and Italian music, and doing...

Ariane Poulon

Born and raised in France but I caught the travel bug when I was 16 and I started using all my free time to get around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. I took management classes and I quickly realized I wanted to work in the travel industry. Last year, I moved to Sydney, Australia to work...


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