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Lisa Rushton

Hi, I'm Lisa, a physiotherapist with over 15 years of clinical experience in a variety of health and medical settings. I have a real passion for all things women's health and love writing and sharing knowledge. With these passions, I have put together my blog, Pelvic-Flaws, to try and share all...

Garima Jain

Hi, I am Garima. Masters in Business Management and specialized in Marketing. A free spirit by choice, always looking to explore new places and adventures. For me, everything started to land in place only when I quit my corporate job in quest of a purposeful and fulfilling life....

Margaret Sitawa

Sitawa has a B.Sc degree second class upper in Applied Statistics with computing. She manages her own successful blog and has written articles for companies such as Travelista Club, Twisted Fitness, Style Plus and many more. She has expertise in fashion, travel, web design and paper art. Her work...

Abuga Aroni

I am a writer from Kenya, passionate about technology, longboarding, and Sports. ...

Nadia Wolmarans

After watching Little Miss Sunshine eleven year old me became obsessed with Fitness. Thanks to Paul Dano's character, my quick routine of push-ups and sit-ups developed into a full-time interest in physical Fitness. Also writing, reaching and perhaps affecting people with well-developed characters...

Timi Vincze

I'm a 28 years old Hungarian girl, I currently traveling in South-America. I used to work as a travel agent, and as I am traveling right now, I would love to write guides about the cities I visit, but I also have knowledge about Sports, recreation, health, and vegan/vegetarian topics. I'm also...

Christopher Ugo Oseh

I am a practicing Medical Doctor and an experienced medical content writer. I am a double certified content writer with a specialty for website contents on health/ Fitness/nutrition. I am a native English speaker. I am also proficient with copywriting and health blogging I am...


I try to add a touch of storytelling in everything that I do, including writing. I am a full-time copy and content writer along with being a freelancer. I like to write just about anything and believe I can write on any topic. You might see some puns and movie references in my blogs ;)...

Lucy Wainoga

I am a hardworking and reliable writer. I have been doing academic writing for the past two years and started article writing 4 months ago. I love the research part of writing where you are faced with a lot of ideas. I pride myself in providing my clients with quality, grammatically error free and...


I am an outdoor enthusiast. There is just this different feeling of contentment when you are in the outdoors and experiencing nature at its purest. I do running, traveling and hiking. I'm also a freelance writer and graphic designer for almost 4 years now. I write on various topics like...

Theodora Ezeala

I'm a young skilled freelance writer who is really interested in learning more and creating greater work. I specialize in creative writing and I have a special gift for making every new piece I write look very unique....


To travel, explore and experience this beautiful world. I hope to share all of that with you. Lots of love from Trinidad & Tobago...

Zakaria Fellous

Hi, my name is Zakaria Fellous from Morocco, I am 21 years old, I am passionate about Fitness, and weightlifting....

Chinazom E. Izuora

Chinazom is a Business Administration graduate with experience in Corporate Training and Management Consulting. Her passion for Health and Fitness inspired her to get a Personal Training Certification in 2016, she uses this knowledge for her personal Fitness and to offer personal training part-time....

Matt Marandola

I am a freelance health educator and student of the College of Undergraduate Studies at UCF. My main goal is to dig through science jargon within the health industry with the goal of making health content easier to understand and more accessible worldwide. My focus is on dietary supplements and...

Wassim Awess

I'm an ambitious writer, always found passion in writing, whether it was Poetry, Storytelling, Blogging, and Lyricism. I have a high interest in the music industry as well as the Fitness industry so my writing mostly consists of these topics. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge on different...

Lilia Häselbarth

Am I who? People describe as 'too kind', brave, funny and crazy, What a great mixture. During my travels, I learned so much more than in school or university. I realized a lot. I realized I've been lied to; I don't need to eat animal products for survival and I went vegan, Now I'm an animal...

Annalisa Galetta

I'm a thirty-five years old lover of traveling, photography, Nature, animals and silence. Travelling is my real passion. I have got an inquisitive mind and I love everything is different from me and from what I know. I practice Sports and I like reading travel books, historical novels, thrillers and...

Abigail Zantingh

Whether it be travel, adventure, crazy out-of-the-way places, skydiving, eating crickets. or the roads hardly traveled, I want to be there. With a huge love for God, a lot o' love for people, and the desire to change this world with a full heap of wanderlust and insane experiences, I have come to be...

Stacey A Amazon In

A 26 year old with a passion for life and all things Fitness living in the Caribbean is who Stacey is! I enjoy Sports of all kinds, I workout at least 6 days a week, whether training for Sports or conditioning and strengthening in the gym, I love being active from the time I came out the womb. Over...

Jalal Kaiser

I am a teacher and writer by profession, with enthusiasm for topics related to everyday betterment. With three years experience in content writing, magazine writing, and SEO, I've written for tech, medicine and health, philosophy, religion, and exercise and Fitness blogs and niches....

Facundo Martin

Translator by training, writer by vocation, travel nomad at heart. I have lived in corners of the earth as remote as Taiwan and Argentina and traveled to many places in between. I'm also a Fitness enthusiast currently doing a push/pull/legs split. Everything I do is infused with my passion...

Georgiana Ionescu

Hi, My name is Georgiana, I am 32 years old. I am originally from Romania but I have lived in UK, France and Morocco for the past 8 years. I love traveling and discovering new places and new cultures! I work in different areas such as hospitality, office administration and online marketing and I...

T. Lowens

Hello, my name is Thomas Lowens, I am from the beautiful county of Derbyshire, England. I am currently travelling far East Asia, taking at least half a year out of life to develop new skills and introduce myself to new experiences. I am using the knowledge I gain to help build myself and...

John Oguejiofor

I studied Theatre Arts and Journalism at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, where I was grounded in the art of creative writing and research for all purposes Currently, I’m a practicing journalist with over 9-years experience with NTA, one of the largest broadcasting networks in the world, where I...

Biswaroop Mitra

I am a certified functional Fitness coach. I am a Muay Thai gold medallist under Kru M.I. Naveed at Star MMA and Muay Thai Club in Tolichowki, Hyderabad in India. I had won a gold medal in my weight category at the Telangana Amateur Muay Thai State Championship in November 2017. I have a keen...

Deeksha Ojha

Namaste, I am a student of English Literature living in the capital of India. I love to write about my passions including being a bookworm, dancing on Bollywood beats, trying new Zumba routines and healthy recipes, binging on k-dramas and world cinema while documenting my travel wonders. I write...

Jasmine Sawatzky

I am a Canadian freelance writer living in the foothills of Nepal. When I'm not writing, I spend my time volunteering in a remote village. This often brings me hiking through the mountains and immerses me in the local language and culture. I also enjoy rock climbing, running, and all things related...

Lucas Von Corvin

I am a young writer and musician making my way through the gap year I am doing right now. For the past two years, I lived in Colombia where I graduated from high school with the IB Diploma. I am currently living in Germany and looking for an adventure....


Hi, I'm RG. I have a Bachelor of Communication and majored in Journalism. I'm excited about building a career as a freelance writer. I enjoy writing and since childhood I have been aware that writing is something I have done with ease. The publisher that best matches my expertise is the Fitness...

Cassie Tulloh

Cassie is a badass solo female traveler that explores the world via slow travel. She takes her time in each new place and allows the community to settle around her, opening doors and experiences that wouldn't have otherwise been possible. Check out her blog www.timeismycompass.com, follow her on...


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