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Fiona Mai


I’m a 26-year-old marketing person from Vietnam who has a strong interest in writing. My travel blog covers stories I have gathered throughout my journeys to 21 countries around the world, as well...

BSc Marketing & MSc Advertising

Dance Miteva

English language teacher

A huge travells lover. Fashion addict and magazines lover.

Bachelor of English language and literature

Juliann Savard

Voice Over...

Hi! My name is Juliann, Julz, for short. I'm a freelance writer and musician. I used to be a content manager and editor for travel website, philihappy.com. Currently I'm building my portfolio and want...

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Ateneo...

Daria Risko

Journalist, Freelance...

Fan of adventures and traveling, amateur of the sustainable and ecological travels. Born in the middle of Eurasia, grew up in the middle of Europe, since then discovering the world.

I have a B.A. in Journalism with specialization in...

Cheila Cunha

Content Editor

Hi, my name is Cheila and I come from the sunny south of Portugal. I've lived with Tourism most of my life and I love traveling and experience new cultures. I'm crazy in love with my dog Lolita and...

Tourism - Marketing Degree Professional...

Naomi Sophia

Marketing, Social Media...

After enduring many long commutes on sweaty trains, being chained to my office desk, and the corporate office politics of Who Has Taken My Stapler This Time?! I left the corporate world to travel the...

My degree is in Business and Management where I...

Alma Villacastin


Hi! I’m Alma Villacastin. Three years ago, I decided to change my corporate life in Europe to travel around the world. Since then, I have lived and travelled 5 continents. Brazil, Uganda,...

Tourism University Degree Human Resources...

Annisa Love

I am a student in college

Hi, my name is Annisa. Licensed cosmetologist. Journalism and photography major. I love all things Fashion, beauty, and photography!

I went to cosmetology school where I learned about...

Shaharazaad Louw


English and Psychology student at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Being a student, exploring your surroundings can be difficult, Let’s explore it together through these...

I completed my final year of high school and...



I am a young woman who loves life, Fashion, food, tech and women empowerment. I am very passionate about Africa and African women. I blog with other African women on our site and tell our own stories

Currently Studying towards a law degree

Génesis Vidal Santos

Psychology student

A freelance writer doing a BA in Psychology.

WRTG 101 class approved. Writing experience.

Renu Sharma

university senior

Hi, I am Renu Sharma and currently, I am 21 years old. I have pretty much been an introvert all my life so my thoughts, feelings, and opinions have usually just been limited to myself but Fashion is...

I graduated from high school in the year 2015 and...