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Anna Dreamer

Medical Doctor

My name is Anna and I am a dreamer, writer and travel lover! I am originally from the Far-Eastern part of Russia. I spent my 24 years living in few steps from ocean waves, seagulls, and with Musson...

I have been studying in Medical Uni for 7 years...



A 21-year-old Malaysian Dental student who tries to take road trips whenever possible. Wanderlust and always up for new adventures. Surviving life one tooth at a time.

undergraduate in Dentistry

Andreea Andrei


I'm a wannabe full-time traveler on my way to learning how to fit my life in a backpack :)

Bachelor's degree in psychology, bachelor's degree...


dental assistant

Hey Guys. traveling the world is definitly not boring! my life is full of adventures, funny storys and a lot of excitement. people that you meet, things that you do, places you find, there is so...

finished school 2010 exam as a Dental assistant...

Chloe Malkan

Aloe Vera Business Owner

Chloe is a freelance travel writer and full-time seeker of the best places to party around the world. If you need advice on bars, clubs, festivals and food etc.. she's the person to know. Every blog...

*Business Managment Degree. *Qualified Dental...

Haleigh Pouliot

Dental Hygienist &...

A (young) retired Dental hygienist, I'm in a mixed-culture marriage and living the best life ever in Kathmandu. Life's good - I support our family with writing so that we can keep it that way.

An associate's degree in Dental hygiene. And yes,...