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Evgeny Kulkov

For many years I travel and do tourism. The journeys I have made and continue to make are divided into three types. First: economy-travel with my wife and two children (rent cheap housing, self-cooking, etc.). Second: single kayak trips along the rivers of Russia with visits to small towns and...

Medha Gayathri

I hail from Kerala, India, and speak around 5 languages. (I write in 2.) An Architect by profession, fighting for everything sustainable. Avid reader, writer, artist, designer, dancer and fashion stylist by passion. As sapiosexual as any cliche fictional character. Complete Grammar Nazi. ...

Wee Xian

Wee Xian believes that life is meant to be experienced through the lens of rich culture and heritage - that boundaries only exist because people put it there. He finds long drives on road trips therapeutic and would jump at the sight of meticulously designed cars and stunning Architecture. ...

Natalie Franke

Hello everyone! My name is Natalie, but most people call me Nats. I'm a 23 year old designer, in love with photography, fashion and traveling. I’m here to write some thoughts about what I’ve learn about style and selfcare, and I invite you to learn with me along the way!...

Evgeniya Malashkina

I am an interior designer by profession. However, I am also keen on travelling and use every opportunity to go on trips to explore near and far-away place whenever I can. I've just returned from a long trip to South America (Chile, Bolivia, Peru) and could tell a lot about this mind-changing...

Sara Kosmajac

My name is Sara, and I am an aspiring author and a traveller, who loves to explore parks, museums, various cuisines and local Architecture. I am here to share my travelling experiences, offer advice about my hometown and enjoy showing people the ways in which I see the world :)...


I am a visual artist and freelance writer and have been writing for several years on art,Architecture and travelogues in leading magazines in India.I have always been interested in traveling and have traveled extensively within India and abroad also and always written about my experiences in my blog...

Désirée M

I live in the unpredictable island of Mauritius. I have been travelling a lot around Europe, in the Indian Ocean and have seen some other regions of the world too. I love old cities, Architecture, gastronomy, wine and vibrant cities at night. You are now getting why I love Europe right? I have been...

Liliya Dimitrova

a travelling dancer and a dancing legal advisor....

Ingrid Monteiro

Ingrid Diana Monteiro is an avid traveler. She has lived in India and the United States. Besides beaches and mountains, she loves to explore little known terrains to discover their secrets! For Ingrid, travel is the best education in the real world with lessons in history, geography, Architecture,...


I'm a student of Architecture, who enjoys trekking and being surrounded by nature. ...

Antonia Flueras

Hello there! I'm an Architecture student truly passionate about the changes in Architecture and traveling. I enjoy challenges, I always try new things, whether be it moving abroad for an internship and living in a completely different environment or traveling without a certain destination. I...

Kai Aranda

Kai is an experienced, passionate, and skilled writer. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and has begun writing professionally before she finished her first college degree. She works on different niches - travel, health...

Joanne Calf

When I was 19, I started to travel. I visited many countries around Europe and the world. I really enjoyed seeing different cultures, Architecture and of course to check out the nightlife. I have a love for adventure and writing, so to combine the two is an amazing opportunity. I work in...

Ada Popescu

An eye for color, two hands for typing and drawing, a soul for searching and expanding, two legs for walking the globe....

Nathaly Lopez

I'm a full time software developer, who loves traveling and living new experiences, I enjoy learning about other cultures and how people in other countries live. I love photography and dancing. ...

Mayana Inn Mundo

World Traveler, Vegan, Environmentalist, Photo-reporter and Freelance Writer. "Traveling: the joy of arriving in new surroundings, wandering, exploring, getting a little lost and amazed with the particularities of each place, nature, culture... Architecture, street art, to learn and experience...


Space Samurai, who really believes that the power of imagination makes us infinite. ...

Raghavendra Singh Dasila

Full Stack developer, piano player and trekking lover! When I am not spending time on my startup, I am experimenting with the latest and a variety of technologies for fun, with some music composition on the side....

Katrina Cobb

Katrina Cobb is a digital nomad, business coach and creative consultant currently enjoying life in Latin America. She loves to help freelancers and service providers build businesses they love that allow them a lifestyle they love even more. You can find her brushing up on her Spanish, enjoying a...


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