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Psychologist & English Teacher from Chile who decided to make traveling a healthy addiction. 25 years old, has lived in 3 different destinations, has visited 12+ places and counting!

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I was born and raised in Santiago, Chile, but I was brought up in both languages, English and Spanish. For this reason, I became an English teacher 5 years ago, which I really enjoy! Not only have I taught English in my home country, but also in Beijing, China thanks to a Linkedin recruiter! Yup, I know what you are thinking: what an experience! And it certainly was. I have my own blog about it (but in Spanish) and it truly was a success! I never became a teacher professionally, though. I never really thought about teaching until it just happened. Truth is I studied to become a psychologist, and then I got my Master's Degree in organizational psychology. While studying in uni, I also discovered my passion for traveling. And yes, I'm a traveler by heart. In my opinion, traveling is a philosophy of living. I rather not go to a bar one night if that means saving few bucks that will allow me a beer in another country. I'm young, I recently turned 25, but I have already lived in Los Angeles, CA; Austin, TX & Beijing, China (still looking for more, of course!). I have visited several countries (Brazil, Argentina, USA, Israel, Jordan, Paris, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, etc.), some of them by myself, some others with a couple, a few with family and other places with friends. Counchsurfing, internations, backpacking, hostels, hotels... you name it! I've done it all.


Yes, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology.

Profession & Career

Organizational Psychologist (HR) and/or English teacher

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