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About Nana

My name is Nana. Driven by the interest of experiencing new cultures and the search of perfect waves - I have ended up in Sri Lanka. A tropical island known for its delicious curries and mellow but plentiful waves. Born Swiss but grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. This is where I had the opportunity to start my passion for surfing. Enjoy reading about my adventures, opinions, and advice about my travels and experiences. My hope is to inspire others. To show how one is able to enjoy life without a false sense of security and how being a free soul allows you to be happy.

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Surfing (qualified surf instructor having worked in Portugal and South Africa. Currently, living in Sri Lanka) Yoga Skiing (qualified ski instructor having worked in Austria and Switzerland) Owner of the travel agency, Lila iha, in Portugal, for active holidays. Currently, designing the wbepage. Can speak 5 languages, English, German, French, Afrikaans and Portuguese.


Bacholar of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2014.

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Surf coach

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