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3 words sum up my bio: geek, gamer, human. I write stuffs about these.

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I have a keen interest in technology in general, keeping in touch with the latest news particularly in the gaming and mobile world. It should be noted that I'm a reporter for an independent video game website, although unpaid, I really enjoy sharing the latest gaming news, reviewing video games and gaming hardware, while interacting with the dynamic community. I'm also heavily invested in the scientific field, being currently a medical student and being part of medical research groups. Additionally, I have thirst for knowledge in general, frequently reading on world news and events and reading books from detective novels to non-fiction books. I've recently picked up the guitar and started learning Spanish as hobbies and I'm teaching fellow students French language, since I've learnt and studied French and English since kindergarten up until the last year of high school. During most of my online browsing time I am listening to music, particularly indie rock :)


Successfully completed the Cambridge O-Level 'School Certificate' examination in 2009, achieving grades A in 8 out of 9 subjects and a B in the 9th. Completed the Cambridge A-Level 'Higher School Certificate' in 2011, with grades A for all of the 5 subjects and ranked 2nd nationally for Biology examination, hence successfully graduating from the Royal College Port Louis, Mauritius. Recently completed and awarded a passing grade in an online course on Video Game Design and Balance offered by the Rochester Institute of Technology. Currently in my 4th year of general medicine in the M.D course at Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary. (Any proof of the certificates awarded is available upon request)

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Geek, Gamer, Human

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