4 Tips to Increase Your Page Views

by Fiona Mai

So you’ve written an amazing article. You’ve published it, taken a sip of coffee and now are comfortably sitting on your sofa waiting for it to go viral on social media. After one day, the number of views remains 5. After two days, nothing changes. You are baffled and angry at the same time. And even after spamming your link everywhere on every social media channel you can think of, its total views still stubbornly refuse to increase. How come?

Chances are you have not shared your article with a right strategy. The process of sharing should surprisingly start even before writing your article. In this post, I will share 4 tips to increase page views for your article, attract more audience and of course, spread your informative piece of content to the whole world.

 Tip 1: Think of your readers right before you start writing

Most people tend to write something they like or know a lot about, without giving much thoughts to how readers will respond to it. Let’s change this for now! Before writing, go through the following checklist to make sure your article will appeal to the proper group of audience that you want to target.

What aspects of the topic will be more appealing to your target audience? For example, an article about attractions in Sydney might be approached from many different aspects such as “5 attractions you should not miss in Sydney”, “Overrated attractions in Sydney you should avoid” or “Attractions in Sydney for a perfect family trip”.

  • Who will read my article? Who are interested in this topic? How are they like? What are their online behaviors?
  • Which title will attract their attention and make them click on? Is the title SEO-friendly enough?
  • How should I write the Meta description or the several first sentences of the article so as to persuade people to click and find out more?
  • Which cover photo should I choose to attract people’s attention?

The easiest way is to put yourself in the position of your audience. Then, try to think whether you are going to be attracted to this article upon seeing it shared on social media. If you are not sure, seeking a third opinion from a friend or family member always helps.

Think about the readers before you start writing

Think about the readers before you start writing

Tip 2: Choose the appropriate platforms to share on

Apart from sharing your article on your own Facebook and Twitter pages as most people do, think about extra tactics which you can utilize to target the right audience. There should be many people on the internet who are likely to be more interested in your content than your Facebook friends or Twitter followers.

I used to write a blog post about my trip to Scotland in September 2017. After only 4 days, the number of this post’s viewers soared to nearly 2000 views. Most of these views came from members of a Facebook group called “The Land called Scotland”, where I shared my article shortly after publishing it. As the group consists of Scottish people living all over the world and yearning to re-visit their homeland, my article instantly attracted their attention and encouraged them to click for more information.

Tip 3: Don’t forget the less popular channels

Apart from Twitter and Facebook, here are some other channels which are also worth looking at.

  • Quora: Search for a question from Quora which is relevant to what you are writing about, then answer that question and quote your link at the end.
  • Instagram: Post the best “instagramable” photo you have that is relevant to your article, then mention your article link in the description with a call to action like “Check here for more info”. Don’t forget to include all the popular hashtags so that people interested in the same topic can find you!
  • StumbleUpon: Simply share your link on StumbleUpon and include a description with the target keywords.
  • Flipboard: Create a board with the topic that most of your articles deal with (e.g. Latest iPhone reviews, Top restaurants in Bangkok, Makeup tips for Teenagers, etc.) and flip your article there. Remember to follow or like other boards as well so that your account gains more attention from others.
  • Google Plus: Sharing on Google+ will help you get on top of Google search results faster. There are also lots of groups here which might be relevant to the topic of your article as well. Join and share!
  • Pinterest: Similar to Flipboard, you can also create a Pinterest board where all articles related to one topic are saved (or pinned).

How many social media channels have you shared your article on?

How many social media channels have you shared your article on?

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Tip 4: Your offline world needs to know as well

While sharing your articles through online channels is a fast and easy way to increase page views, talking about it offline can also be very effective.

Start by mentioning your article to people you know but might not follow on social media, such as your neighbors, cousins, colleagues, personal trainer or a salesperson who is trying to get you purchase their company’s insurance package. As small talks are necessary to maintain and develop relationships, it is not that awkward (as least to me) to mention how happy you are that your article has been published or where you take inspiration from to write it. People caring about you or the topic that you write about might ask to see the article, and then you can send them your link.

Talking about your article is not the easiest way to make it viral. However, by “pitching” your article personally rather than sharing it to a mass audience, you will definitely pique people’s interest and encourage them to view it more.

Sharing your article offline is also one way to increase page views

Sharing your article offline is also one way to increase page views

To top if off

What do you think about these tips? What else can you do to increase visitors to your page? Do not be disappointed if the number of views for your article remains low. Instead, keep trying to think of new ways to spread the word! I believe if you write an excellent piece of content with all your heart, it will naturally appeal to others and drive traffic gradually to your page.