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Rumbi Askana Tendaupenyu

I am an adventuring...

Rumbi, more affectionately known as Askana is an adventuring operational strategy consultant and entrepreneur. She sees herself as an eternal student of life, a novice globetrotter and an unabating...

EDUCATION 2015 Bachelor of Commerce in Financial...


Environmental scientist

Teja is technically both an environmental scientist (to which she admits) and an engineer (which she disowns), but having been excessively - if randomly - self-educated in all manner of erudition,...

B.Eng. Civil Engineering (Environmental);...

Fiona Mai


I’m a 25-year-old girl from Vietnam who has travelled to 19 countries around the world so far. My most memorable travel experience took place in Lapland, Finland almost 5 years ago, when I watched a...

BSc Marketing & MSc Advertising



Hello! My name is Yok and I'm from Thailand. I choose travel, even though it's more like travel makes me fall for it. So, travel and I always find a way to be together, at least, whenever I can. I...

- High School: Bangkok, Thailand and Viña del...



Travel is life. The world is your's to explore!

Bachelor Degree (Hons) In Actuarial Science

Giovanna Clapis

University Student

Hey! I'm Giovanna, a Brazilian trying to graduate from university to gain the world afterward! I've always loved traveling and discovering new things, no matter where I'm at, I find a way of touring...

I have graduated High School in 2011 and I'm...


Civil Engineer

I'm not a professional writer but I'm a bit of a story teller. Love to travel, dance, kitesurf, read, laugh and share life experiences.

Master Degree in Civil Engineering


Copy writing

James Collins is the author of three travel books and eight novels. He lives in Greece where he blogs daily about the quirkier side of living and travelling abroad.

I have a Master's Degree (MSc) in social policy, a...

Ardys Gladden Soriano

I'm currently part of...

Ardys Gladden is a Communication Ambassador who strongly believes that there's power in every word spoken or written. Writing is her first love and speaking is her passion. She has great desire in...

Graduated BS Nursing at Davao Oriental State...

Kate Baron


Hello! My name is Kate. I'm 22 years old and blessed with the beautiful travel bug. I've been traveling on and off for the past four years whilst in school. I graduated may 2017 with a degree in...

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee , Class of...


Automation Engineer at...

Kaushika is an Automation Engineer by profession, bitten by the crazy travel bug during her masters in Germany. With a decent flair for writing, she hopes she can make people believe in the ultimate...

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer...

Jenica Suson


I am a Filipino living in China and I love traveling. I usually backpack on my own and travel with people I meet along the way. I have been living in China for 6 years now and I speak enough...

I have a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I also...

Why hire our writers?

Most content writing agencies have in-house teams of dedicated SEO writers. The writers know nothing about the topic, and most use Google as their only reference. With no experience or understanding of your industry to provide their own insight - they end up producing the same information as your competitors, just with different wording.

Google make it abundantly clear that regurgitating content (either by machine scripts, or human input) is something you should always avoid. Websites who engage in this practice argue that by rewording an article - it’s now original.

If you don't offer new information, Google will not rank you!

At the very least it's a low-value approach to content marketing... that's why our writers are sourced based on their real-life understanding of an industry through education or experience. We focus first on finding people (usually via social media) through highly targeted adverts - and vetting them to ensure they are as qualified as they say.

Only once a writer has passed all the reviews, written and published work - and proven their abilities - are they presented to you. Not only that, but our review teams are at your disposal throughout the entire process and our in-house development team are always on hand to take your input and adjust our interface to make a more efficient workflow for you.

You need a writer who really understands your industry - not a keyboard warrior whose only experience is reading wikipedia.

Real Experience

We use writers with real life experience to provide a genuine understanding of your topic. These are not 'professional content writers' who do their research on google - they are professionals & experts in various fields who we have trained as content writers.

Wordpress Ready

Your content will be submitted 100% ready to publish, having been authored in WordPress and manually checked by our review team. When you are happy with the result, a single click will send the post and all its attached media to your WordPress blog.

Tools & Integrations

From the use of Grammarly to Facebook page integrations to a fully managed blog hosting and management solution - we have everything covered and more with our in-house development team.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied in any way we will refund your money in full using the same payment method you used to send it. Reasonable terms and conditions apply.

Unlimited Revisions

Every article is manually reviewed before it's presented to a client. Our review team is very thorough - but if you feel they have missed something your commentary is passed to the writer for a swift resolution.

Copyscape API

Each article is checked using the Copyscape API to make sure it's completely unique.

Socially Verified

We use social media to verify our writers so you know who you are working with. Because our writers are all active on social media, they won't hesitate to share your content - which will get readers (and Google) paying attention to your brand.

Simple, Clear Pricing...

Because our writers already have experience in your niche, they don't need to waste time researching the topic before they start writing. A flat rate is all you need to pay. If you want something a little different, custom pricing is available on request.

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March 15, 2018

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How to Freelance Write as a Full Time University Student

March 15, 2018

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