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Fiona Mai


I’m a 26-year-old marketing person from Vietnam who has a strong interest in writing. My travel blog covers stories I have gathered throughout my journeys to 21 countries around the world, as well...

BSc Marketing & MSc Advertising

Lindsey Green

World traveler

Hello! My name is Lindsey and I am a solo female world traveler. I have a B.A. from the University of Florida in Anthropology, and after graduation, I decided I wanted to travel. Come and join me on...

B.A. Anthropology, University of Florida 2011 ...


IT Professional

Hey there.. I am a regular IT professional usually found behind my laptop on any usual day. I love to travel. i discovered this travel bug in me long back while in college and it has stuck on since...

Bachelors of Engineering

Sacha Tijmstra


Sacha likes to travel to places with great nature and preferably high mountains. She has spent a semester in Vancouver, studying at Simon Fraser University and exploring the Canadian mountains. This...

Obtained BSc in Cultural Anthropology and...

Julian Schönfelder

Currently freelance

Julian is a passionate traveler, part-time web designer and food aficionado trying to explore each and every country in its most local way. Having lived abroad for most of his life he now calls the...

Bachelor in Intl. Hotel and Tourism Management ...

Hope Boulevard J Hope Suis

Customer Service Lead for...

J. Hope Suis is an inspirational writer and relationship specialist with over 20 years of experience in single-parenting, dating, relationships, and a phrase she coined as “Solitary Refinement”,...

I do not have any formal education.

Gauri Argade

Interior Designing

An avid traveler by choice, an interior designer by profession and a photographer by heart, I am a lover of art & history of my magnificent country. My love for travelling & photography makes...

A Proud Interior Design professional !


I am not currently...

My name is Pearl Langan. I love to share my love for travel through my writings. I can't say I have travelled extensively, but I have surely visited some really beautiful places. I will continue to do...



Creative and Digital...

My name is Emma Campbell, I am a creative and digital media modern apprentice, as well as a freelance writer. I have had a love for travelling ever since I was a child, and now I am properly getting...

HND Business at college

Marina Georgieva

Content writer

My name is Marina and I'm from Bulgaria. I’m a blogger and content writer with an expertise in crafting copy. I love doing what I'm doing. What makes me even happier is the fact that I get paid for...

I hold a bachelor's degree in English Philology...

Carla Cometto

Writing / Photography

I'm a 20-something traveler that has set foot in over 35 countries, lived in 8 and is looking to conquer many more. During my adventures, I've fallen in love with photography, which has lead me to be...

Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University...

Oceania Critchley-Clark

Private English Teacher

Vegan Art History Graduate living in Venice and travelling at every moment possible!

Clifton College: A-Levels (A* in Art History,...


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Why hire our writers?

Most content writing agencies have in-house teams of dedicated SEO writers. The writers know nothing about the topic, and most use Google as their only reference. With no experience or understanding of your industry to provide their own insight - they end up producing the same information as your competitors, just with different wording.

Google make it abundantly clear that regurgitating content (either by machine scripts, or human input) is something you should always avoid. Websites who engage in this practice argue that by rewording an article - it’s now original.

If you don't offer new information, Google will not rank you!

At the very least it's a low-value approach to content marketing... that's why our writers are sourced based on their real-life understanding of an industry through education or experience. We focus first on finding people (usually via social media) through highly targeted adverts - and vetting them to ensure they are as qualified as they say.

Only once a writer has passed all the reviews, written and published work - and proven their abilities - are they presented to you. Not only that, but our review teams are at your disposal throughout the entire process and our in-house development team are always on hand to take your input and adjust our interface to make a more efficient workflow for you.

You need a writer who really understands your industry - not a keyboard warrior whose only experience is reading wikipedia.

Real Experience

We use writers with real life experience to provide a genuine understanding of your topic. These are not 'content robots' who regurgitate articles they find on google - they are professionals & experts in various fields who we have trained as content writers.

Wordpress Ready

Your content will be submitted 100% ready to publish, having been authored in WordPress and manually checked by our review team. When you are happy with the result, a single click will send the post and all its attached media to your WordPress blog.

Tools & Integrations

From the use of Grammarly to Facebook page integrations to a fully managed blog hosting and management solution - we have everything covered and more with our in-house development team.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied in any way we will refund your money in full using the same payment method you used to send it. Reasonable terms and conditions apply.

Unlimited Revisions

Every article is manually reviewed before it's presented to a client. Our review team is very thorough - but if you feel they have missed something your commentary is passed to the writer for a swift resolution.

Copyscape API

Each article is checked using the Copyscape API to make sure it's completely unique.

Socially Verified

We use social media to verify our writers so you know who you are working with. Because our writers are all active on social media, they won't hesitate to share your content - which will get readers (and Google) paying attention to your website.


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