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Leah Anne

Mountaineer and Aspiring Law Enforcer


Hi I'm a Visual artist, Yoga Teacher and travel enthusiast. I love to search for the hidden jewels in every place I go and to show the treasures of my homeplace, I'm happy to share with you all what I have learned and going to learn with each and one of my travels.

Carla Saavedra

Hi! I'm Carla, a Chilean girl who is trying to go around this big and beautiful world. On September 2016, said goodbye to my family and friends and took my backpack to start this great adventure.

Madel Omandam

Artist and writer by heart. Exploring the possibilities of the odds. Renewed soul. Child of God. Pet lover and wanderer!


Jelouise is a full-time software engineer and a part-time wanderer. When she's not out exploring the world Jelouise travels through the books she reads.

Tiffany Law

Hello! I'm Tiffany, a student originally from Hong Kong, but I've been studying in the UK for the past few years. Being a student of languages (German and French at university, self-learning Hebrew, Russian and Arabic), travelling is an integral part of my studies and life. Not only do I get to practice the languages that I've learnt, but I also get to just open my eyes, explore diverse cultures and lifestyles for myself and make lots of awesome friends! Above all, I'm a fun-loving person and believe that travelling is the perfect way to have fun and make the most out of life!

Victoria Anderson

Hey, I’m Vic! 🙂 I am an explorer, dreamer, photographer, writer, and smiler who hopes to open the eyes of others in order to inspire, and be inspired – whilst attempting to understand the world/s in which we are. I've covered a fair distance in and around Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and have had a couple of brief encounters with Asia too. So much to see and do in this wonderful world!

Jerome Carreon

I'm a simple and fun loving person who loves to follow my passion, and it is to travel. I usually go and travel at different places to relieved my itching feet. My greatest dream is to travel around the world and my first step is to travel the whole Philippines.

Samantha Robinson

To start off with the 2 most asked questions to any traveler, I am 26 and English. I have visited 13% of this glorious planet (aka 26 countries) and always planning the next trip. I like to travel for a variety of different reasons/activities so I hope you enjoy some of my insights.

Natalie Simpson

After finishing Uni in 2010; I packed my bag and went on a 5 month backpacking trip around SE Asia & Australia. 5 years later and I now call Australia home. When not at work, stroking my pugs or drinking Pinot Grigio; you'll find me collecting stamps in my passport, adding KMs to my car, planning my next adventure and adding to my neverending Wanderlist…


Sophia is a child of the world with a New Zealand passport, currently making a cultural living in Cambodia by eating lok lak and chatting to Khmer “bongs” on the street everyday. She will soon resume to her solo backpacking journey – Stay tune till June!

Lois Gutierrez

The writer is a young millenial from the tropical island of the Philippines. She belongs to a rare population of INFJs and when she's not out and about, she likes spending time in the kitchen. She loves to travel to new places where she can relax, get some peace, and most importantly taste new exquisite foods.

Maddi Keogh

I'm Maddi, I'm twenty-one years old and hail from Melbourne, Australia. I've travelled to twenty-one different countries (and counting!) and have also lived overseas in Thailand teaching English. You can follow my travels on Instagram at @maddikeogh

Tina Kuzman

I don't know if I'm a writer yet, but I love stories. How you perceive someone or something is so much different from what you see. That's why I love to describe with feelings. Not because I think it makes me special, but because we all have this communication from within, spiced up with how we feel at the moment and what memories it triggers. When I visit a new city, I try to imagine it as a handshake with a person. Each city has its charm like a person does. So many districts in one place remind me of so many qualities or flaws in a person. This makes my travels exciting.


I want to be a travel writer because it gives me the opportunity to tell the story of my great and exciting adventures and being a travel writer one could promote nature's beauty and awesomeness of God's creation here on earth.


I love to travel, explore new places, and meet new people.

Thomas Kissas

I live in North Greece. We have a small computer company. I have studied informatics and businness administration. I like to write articles for blogs. I also love books, sports and travel with my girl.

Elaine Therese Abello

Hey! I’m Elaine, a Philippine local whose passion is to travel and explore places. So far, this passion has taken me to different South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Bali, Indonesia, Hong-Kong, Singapore and some areas in my hometown. My regular job is at a clinic in Manila, working as a Corporate Nurse. I’m also trying to develop myself by doing online training related to writing, blogging and photography. My goal is to be able to visit the seven continents and see more places on the coming years.


I have been to 37 countries in the world. Experiences gained through traveling have deep repercussions on perspectives of the old and the new in someone's life.

Tara Constantine

I am a young girl currently about 9 months into a backpacking trip. I started of solo but somehow ended up with a boyfriend to haul around. Currently, I’m exploring Central America so far I’ve been to numerous places in Asia and in Europe just on this trip. I was born and raised in the Caribbean and I am now based out of London.

Kim Clarys

Kim Clarys is a Belgian copywriter who decided in 2012 that she wanted to do her journalistic internship in a place far, far away from home. She took the deep plunge and immediately stayed three months in India. Suddenly her mind got filled with far-flung dreams and her feet started to flicker with restlessness. She realized there were so many countries out there with sights to be seen, dances to be danced and mistakes to be made. So a few years later she strapped on her backpack and became a full-time traveler. With her writings, she doesn’t just want to guide her readers through the big, bold world but wants them to get a real taste of travel. In the meantime, she keeps up her work as a copywriter and stops to visit Belgium from time to time where her mother and friends ask her on a consistent basis why she can’t be normal.

Pinay Turista

My name is Diana and I like to travel! Basically, I am an aspiring freelance travel writer who likes to document my travels online for the world to see. Hopefully you will be able to experience all the places I visit through the words and images in my blog. I have traveled to many places in my life and am currently living abroad, in Germany. So far, I’ve lived in the Philippines, Guam, Hawai’i (Oahu), Washington State, California, Tennessee, and now Germany. I have also visited many places, including Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice, and Cologne just to name a few. You can read all about my travels through my blog, as well as get tips for living abroad. Thanks everyone!


Come with me in my place. You are very welcome.

Madison Boyer

I'm Madison – a recent college grad from Ohio just trying to find my place on this pale blue dot. This year I added Germany and Spain to the list of countries I've seen, and next I hope to branch out to Central and South America. Ultimately I want to see every country on earth (but I would settle for every country with a Taco Bell).

Maria Emelianova

My name is Maria and originally I'm from Russia. I've been traveling extensively around the world and currently I settled down in Thailand, on beautiful island of Ko Phangan. Living in this paradise, I'd like to explore more of South-East Asia as well as the new ways of traveling such as motorbiking trips. Love an adventure! Everything can be possible in this life 🙂

Cindi Bester

My two week South American holiday recently turned into a six month life journey around this beautiful continent. The main purpose is to share a little bit of my perception of South America´s magic and hopefully inspire someone to else to find their inner explorer.

Priscilla Tjitra

Hello! My name is Priscilla. I call myself a travel enthusiast who lives in between holidays, who's true calling is to explore the world! I believe the earth is just too big to ignore and not to explore. I have been travelling around the world since little with my parents, but have just increased the intensity since I start earning money by myself. When I am not travelling, I work as an analyst at one of the global credit rating agencies in Jakarta. I especially want to share the beauty of my country Indonesia to all of you. Hope you guys will enjoy reading my posts!

Sela Marie

A rockstar mom of 2 kids and travelling is one of my sidekicks.


A 26 year old Kiwi travelling the world, Been to Europe, Africa and currently travelling around South East Asia solo

Rachel Mutuc

My husband and I are food and travel bloggers. We both left our 9 to 5 jobs already and raising our daughter together. I'm from the Philippines and a mom of a beautiful one-year-old baby girl. I'm a PWD due to Psoriasis. I have been working from home as a virtual assistant and social media manager for about 3 years now.

Joseph Gerard

I am a 21 year old Filipino Photographer and Filmmaker who loves to write and share my experiences to people. I graduated with a bachelors degree in Psychology but I did not push through with my line of work. Now I travel to create content and share the beauty of this planet to all of you.

Maita Atienza-Diaz

I used to be a freelance makeup artist, a university lecturer, and a baker with a penchant for traveling. But all that is done since I became a wife and mother. I am now a freelance writer who travels but this time with a hand to hold and a tot to tote. On to the next adventure.

Frame Me Please

Just a little girl that forever pained with curiosity from a terrible case of wanderlust. Hope to travel the world and take an endless amount of photographs. My photographic work is an eloquent representation of my love for life and people. Always aim to capture raw moments, candid laughs and stories to look back on.


I am a final year Computer Science student at Maseno University, Kenya. I am a passionate tech-user and tech-maker with a bias to software development. I develop mobile and web applications. Occasionally,I stare at IOT works. I spent most of my free time doing reviews on mobile apps and reading about new technologies in the tech industry besides writing tech reviews. I love coffee and the silent nights of codding!

Stephanie Davis

Hello everyone! I've lived in Texas all my life. I've started college recently with a double major in Theater Education and Linguistics. Although I have lived in Texas my whole life I've recently started branching out to more communities and towns. I live in Paris,France right now learning culture, eating new foods, and generally having new experiences. I think its time I start documenting them through some type of journal; I love writing and feel I have a lot to learn.


I am a 23 years old person from Serbia who is open minded and ready for new challenges, experiences and people. I love to travel and to explore new destinations. I consider that our youth is the best life period for traveling and that there will be time to do the things in the future, but that we are young only once. Use your time and youth wisely!

Belle Markz

Travelling is learning something schools and books haven’t taught about. While traveling we meet and converse with different people living in a different culture. I want to support and feature local businesses and tourist destinations starting from my country Philippines and hopefully expanding to international places. As a registered nurse I know I am not limited to the confined spaces in hospitals, but my holistic thinking brought me into writing to make the world connected through my articles and blogs.

Sara Natal

I'm a young mom, passionate about life and all its wonders. Traveling has been my main teacher. Bicycles, sailing boats, trains, plains, cars or feet, the road has many forms and the paths are endless. I relate myself to ancient thinkers, who did not limit themselves to one field of knowledge… They were mathematicians, astronomers, painters, musicians, philosophers, all at the same time! For this reason, my academic path seems a bit schizophrenic. I studied fashion, then video and cinema applied to documentaries, and then Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India. I'm always excited for new adventures, and ready to nourish my soul with new wonders, now with a tiny travel mate to make it all more special!

Dawson Lee

Just an average fresh graduate from university, who fell in love with this piece of land called Borneo, and the people living here. Currently working (and co-founded) at Backyard Tour based in Kuching, Sarawak with my partner, I am rather fortunate to be given the opportunity to explore the great unknowns of this land. I have gone to different villages here, and got in contact with different native communities, each of them have their own uniqueness, we've just got to dig deeper to find out. My goal is to discover more interesting places in the land of Borneo and bring them to light. What you see here are just some of my recollection with these amazing people, at these amazing places!

Adrianna Veilose

My name is Adrianna Lyssa Rian. I was born in the USA, but I lived in Germany for nearly seven years. I spent half a year in Chongqing, China as a language volunteer, and I recently returned to Germany in the hope of studying near my family in Braunschweig. I love traveling and taking photographs, and I love to write. In my free time I want to document my travels by writing short articles about the regions I have been able to visit.