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Mobile Device Review

You will pick a mobile device you own, and are currently using and write a product review for it. This must be a personal review – you own and use the device and you can write about your personal experiences. Any articles that simply copy and paste the ‘technical specifications’ with some short elaborations will be rejected.

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Do I need experience?

No, you do not need any experience and you will be given plenty of resources to learn any skills you need.

How do I apply?

You should be able to see a 'Sign in to Apply' heading directly above the FAQ.

Once you have applied you will be sent a response within 48 hours.

Why do I need to login with Facebook?

We need to make sure our writers are 'real people' and not just fake email accounts.  We only access your public facebook profile and email address.

Can I write anonymously?

Yes, you can write under a 'pseudonym' or nickname that is not your real name.

Who owns my work?

As a freelancer, you retain legal copyright on your work.  We are merely licensing it to publish on our website.

How do I write the articles?

You will use a modified version of the Wordpress Post editor.  The topics usually require minimal research so our writers can easily produce an article in less than one hour.

What if my article isn't approved?

When you submit your article, it will be reviewed by our team. If there are any problems you can edit the article again.

How and when do I get paid?

Friday at ~6pm Australian Eastern time (UTC+10). All payments are sent via PayPal.

What if I dont have PayPal?

PayPal is the only option at this time. It's free and widely available.